Thursday, December 10

micro rant.

With the temp rising and the skin cells burning I would like to welcome summer and say good bye to any chance of quality waves on the east coast of Australia. I might also take this time to ask a few questions and officially turn on the comments section of the blog again as I now have finished my minimalist approach to the blog.
  1. At what age to farts stop being funny? (I just turned thirty and I still laugh everyday at them.)
  2. Why does my dog love pissing on the kitchen bin if he is alone for more than 5 hours?
  3. Has anyone notice that this wooden surfboard / bodyboard craze seems to be catching on to a mainstream crowd? How long till billabong starts to sell loin cloths made from hemp to get the total soul experience?
  4. Each morning I drag myself to the coffee machine pump out a strong short black, sip it at a slow steady pace, stare out the window until the lower regions start to wake then excrete the previous days waste. I am any different to a cow in a paddock?
  5. Will magazines that feature less adverts and more content and there for be sold in different ways (online and retail outlets) ever take off or will the newsagents always be there taking their cut?



DeanoSC said...

Lucky you take the photos and do not write the articles.
Also the day one stops laughing at farts is the day one should stop breathing. Haha

Guy said...

Spell and a grammar check wouldn't have gone a miss.

toby said...

your a busy man so im gona make this short,, more random updates of little peices of your work with little stories that may seem irrelevant to you, keep the blog checkers frothed up like a frappafagacino, currently your a 'every 5 day check blog' on my list!! bounce the posts up, i and many others will keep bouncin back

Polaroid soph said...

the newsagents will always be there... you cant escape them... ive tried...