Friday, October 23


Yesterday around one in the afternoon Thomas stumbled into the studio reeking of booze and cheap perfume. I asked him what was new and the latest Thomas headlines read like this. Thomas recently flew back to Sydney after preparing for the summer in his home town of Noosa, once leaving the airport he was picked up by a close friend. They drank a lot. Night ends, Thomas and his friend go separate ways. Tom finds a nest of another friend near by to sleep off the the drinks and that nest even housed a female bird which showed him shelter in his time of need. In non related drunk activities he has done his ankle in whilst skating so its the size of a loaf of bread. He is now helping I AM NONE put some finishing touches on the next video THRASHED. We talked about his recent cover on Movement, how it's now very fashionable to own a tough dog and if cootes was ever coming home from Ireland.

After two cups of black instant coffee, he was on his way again to meet up with some more friends and eat cheap steak.


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