Friday, September 18

le BOOGIE reviewed by the chief of printed goods.

Mike Wells has been rumored to tear pages out of magazines, turn the covers over on the news stands all in disgust of the quality of its goods.
I have feared the moment when Mr Wells picked up a copy but I think we did ok and now he is our critic / homo erotic editor. Read Mike's review below.

Here we go again, yet another bodyboard magazine promising to  break away from the usual trash that I have become so bored with. Maybe I’m being a little spoilt but is it too much to ask that after I put a magazine down, I won’t want to swear to never read another issue? 
This happens.
A lot.
I’m a realist though. I know how hard it is to put out superior products having shaped for a bodyboard company back when they cared about making boards. Not garbage that is easy to pump out to keep the bottom line in the black.
Bodyboarding  has become stale for me.
I lose the fire to get out there being stuck doing the grind these days. So I, like so many other humans look to the medium of mags to keep me interested.
That is the problem.
The garbage out there these days is filthy.
Have you seen Bodyboarder (or ’ing I cant remember what) mag lately.
Shit off. Seriously.
That’s where  our heroes at le Boogie arrive.
Edited by an all round nice guy / guru. Art direction by a barrista. Doesn’t sound too great when you hear that. Untill we realise that Phil Gallagher is that nice guy/guru.
Luke Shadbolt is that barrista.
This got my attention.
Usually when someone from “our side” starts something, it is fantastic.
That person has the knowledge to do what the public want. (See  early No Friends, the first few issues of Movement, Waldron Bros, cough, DLUX, cough cough, booger king etc.)
Le Boogie isn’t a traditional magazine.
Le boogie isn’t so much celebration of the rider/wave. Well it is but its also about showing off what you’re staring at. The photo little fella, the photo.
Bringing back the ol’ days when you can see more than the blatantly obvious. Talking to people because they have something decent to say (Winchester/Mattick) not just to fill a caption.
Le Boogie is not a traditional magazine.
Do a photo trip and just run the photos? Madness!  Awesome!
Brilliant actually. Use four guys that have recognisable style and Boom!
Actually showing photographers photos. Not a photo taken by a guy.
Photographers that use (and teach in a few shots) things like depth of field and slower shutter speeds.
Le Boogie is not a traditional magazine.
The only bad thing, for me, and this is being harsh, you guys, ahhh, how do I say this?
I found some spelling mistakes. There, I said it. With so few words I found a couple.
But i'll proof read your next issue if you like.
I loved it.
Now please don’t break my heart. 

Mike Wells


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