Saturday, May 2

Took off on a simple day trip yesterday with Dave Winchester down the coast. We were lucky to score a little reef early with not many crew on it. I shot some fisheye images of dave airing over me. One guy hit his head pretty bad and had to go and get it stitched up. Then we took a drive to black rock for an afternoon session. I shot some longer lens images from the channel and although the waves were slow managed to capture some great images of BP and Winnie. The local crew were killing it with PJ and Buzz sharing the pick of the sets. Port Mac grom Charlie Holt paddled out for the late also.
Looks flat for a few days on the east coast so i am going to catch up on some paper work and spend some time with my wife. Also a huge get well to Morgan Brown who took a nasty wipeout a few days ago. Michael Chapple told me the full story and seems like they were both lucky to be still around. Well done Chapp on saving your mate and enjoy your weekend everyone.

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