Thursday, April 16

HATI HATI........

As always BAlI this time of year is super fun and productive. The waves have been pretty constant all day so far. Ben has been surfing like a 16 year old kid on acid, novy seems to be just relaxing and taking it all in and only coming into form when the waves turn on and Winnie has been blasting the beachbreaks to pieces with his DK slash prone styles.
We have been staying with Mez's wife and kids in Bali and have just moved into our own pad for the next few days. With a flat day today i will go through and pick some cool images for the blog today but to keep you happy here are a quick five.
From the top:
1. Ben and Winnie after a session at the K Hole.
2. Golden Echo Beach princess.
3. Novy happy to be on the NMD super team and working on the base tan.
4. Winnie punts a early morning wedge.
5. BP checking out his own spray mid revo.

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