Friday, January 23

Why we all should just admit we love RYAN HARDY.

Over the last few days i have had a few emails from our boy Ryan and well I freaking love him, not in a passing disco fever way where you tell any one who lends their ear you love them. But in a true brother from another mother way!
Wind back the clock a few weeks and the dude looses one of his major sponsors which shocked alot of people and im sure the hardy household but he just keeps his chin up moves back to the mother land where his oversized double pluggers feel so at home in the red dirt and nails himself a new sponsor in the shape of VOID. Ryan has been surfing like a madman with some unusual summer waves being had down south. He is about to set off for HAWAII and light the place up as per normal. Also keep an eye out for the latest 100% bodyboarding company which has signed Hardy. Cant keep a good man down. 

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Sean said...

I do, I do. i love Ryan Hardy. Look at that damn cuttie! geezus