Thursday, December 18

update from the road

I went down the coast the other day, it kind of sucked. Waves were super crowded wind was light and cross shore i got sun burnt but it is summer time so maybe the hopes were set a little high.
I saw Brendan Newton out in the morning he was smiling as always and really enjoying the summer pulse. Winnie choose the DK in the average conditions and well the other image is Dallas Singer flipping out over me. I managed to nail a few shots but i will be saving them for future projects.

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fininho said...

hey!!!just to say hello and congrat about your work i´m a huge fan,you always come up with new fresh angles and techniques and i hope some day to be a great photographer like you, i can´t wait to get a copy of your book (can you tell me if he will be aviable in portugal) PS, VISTI MY TwO FLICKRS