Tuesday, October 7

Benny Player moonlights as a hairdresser?

I ask BP what he had been up to and he emailed this strange ramble to me " i got a new haircut, its a bald spot that runs from behind my ear to the top of my head. I recently had to give myself a haircut for the studio shots of the new movie Murray Bell, Kane Waldron and Chad Waldron are making on me. I was so tired after the 52 hours building and 20 hours of sleep that when it came time to get ready for the all night shoot i accidently gauged a chunk out of my hair which later i had to stick it on for the shoots to hide the bald spot! The shots for the film look insane though, we completely built sets for 6 different modes of transport. car, train, bike, boat, small plane and a full on 747 boeing. Its nuts man cant wait to show people". Sounds like BP is a little bit loco? His movie is due out in JAN 09 so keep an ear and eye out!

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